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Desperate Sarkozy cranks up the anti-immigration rhetoric

By Sanchia Alasia
March 14th 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy, during one of his biggest campaign rallies, just over a month from the elections, indulged once again in anti-immigration rhetoric in a bid to appease potential Front National voters by calling for the greater protection of French borders.

This would include the proposal of removing France from the Schengen accord, which 27 member states operate, unless tighter controls by the European Union on illegal immigrants could be imposed.

Marine Le Pen, who is anti-immigrant and anti-EU, has stated Sarkozy is simply copying her policies, one of them being to withdraw from the Schengen accord.

Sarkozy went on to say that if elected he would halve immigration from 180,000 to 100,000 per year as well as make the process of obtaining naturalisation much tighter, which he claims will help immigrants integrate better into French society.

Socialist rival Francois Hollande’s campagin have criticised the announcement, which seems to be in response to the rising popularity of the Front National, and is set to become a central campaign theme over the coming weeks.

Originally published in Left Foot Forward

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One Response to Desperate Sarkozy cranks up the anti-immigration rhetoric

  1. Papu says:

    End bgaa manaihan heustu shdee, Busad gazar bdg humuus yamar bdagiig medehgui ym. Yamaan omogoo bardam zan gej enduureed yawna. Haana Mongolchuud bna tend arhidalt, zodoon nudeen baina daa. Zun dalain ereg orosn 2 mongol 24 tsagiin delguuriin umnu uuchihsan suuj bna, 20-d hooson beernii laaz hajuudaa urhcihsun. Duu n changarchihsn, tednees uur zugaalah gej ireed tegj mal boltoloo uusan humuus algaa. Busad n baig gehed uudagiig n oilgohgui ym daa.

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