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Dewsbury says no to EDL

By Web Desk
June 2nd 2012




Around one hundred anti-racists marched through Dewsbury town center on Saturday 30 June in protest at a rally by the racist English Defense League (EDL). Hundreds more gathered outside the local Mosque.


The counter demonstration was called byYorkshire and the Humber Unite Against Fascism and backed by local trade unions. On the march were banners fromKirklees Unison public sector union,Leeds University and Leeds Met UCUlecturers’ union, Unite the Union andGMB, as well as the NUT teachers’ union.

These branches represent tens of thousands of public and private sector workers in the area. The Unity march rallied near Dewsbury market, and within earshot of the EDL rally.

Speakers praised Dewsbury’s diversity and proud history of tolerance, while criticising Council leaders for “rolling out the red carpet for the EDL”.

They said that the reason given by the Council for concessions to EDL “protests” in the past would mean they would stay away in the future. Saturday proved them wrong.

The EDL have returned. Last time they were given a car park, this time they bussed in some 400 over their supporters to hold a rally outside the Town Hall. This is another in a series of EDL national mobilisations. This summer, they plan to march through Bristol as well as Walthamstow in north east London.


The EDL are a motley crew of racist thugs and Nazi sympathisers

Such is the fear of EDL violence that Dewsbury market and local shops were forced to close on what should be a big shopping day.


Stall holders pulled down their shutters as gangs of racist thugs, many of whom were drunk, gathered in nearby pubs before their “protest”.

A sign in charity shop window read: “We are closed because of fears for the safety of our employees.”

Despite the heavy police segregation of the EDL, some of their thugs lobbed bangers into journalists and crowds of locals who gathered to watch.

After police put the EDL back on their buses, anti-racists marched through the town centre chanting “Who’s streets, our streets” — this time joined by groups of young people.

Five EDL members were arrested. The Unity event passed off peacefully.

Darren Lockley of Unite the Union said:

It is outrageous that in this day and age we have to once against protest against these racists.”

Paul Scarrott of UAF said:

We stand united with all the people of Dewsbury. A defeat for the EDL is a victory for everyone.”

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of UAF said:

The EDL is a front for racist thugs, Nazi sympathisers and fascists. It is not about “expressing an opinion”, but spreading fear among our communities. They want people to hide behind their curtains. Today we have shown that they will not succeed.”

Pictures: Kelvin Williams

Originally published by Unite Against Fascism

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One Response to Dewsbury says no to EDL

  1. pete says:

    More left wing propaganda. where’s the balanced reporting? Or are we to believe the lies and spin of unions and their agitators in everything that happens in life?
    Dewsbury is a very good example of a muslim takeover – a place fewer and fewer indigenous English choose to go. Thanks to the panderings of the socialists running Kirklees Council, the left wing mantra that our ‘Islamic friends’ can do do whatever they like, even outside the laws of the land. Gangs of Shia fight Sunni, taxis are used for drug running, elderly locals are intimidated by asian gangs (pakistani gangs) into selling their home at lower than market value prices, they even refuse to pay taxes, instead running council-sanctioned and sometimes taxpayer funded programs that are aimed at excluding anyone who doesn’t follow Allah. A blunt refusal to integrate into British society.
    Seen it with my own eyes – as have plenty of others.
    Little wonder the vast majority of the Uk population has no time for you.

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