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UK:Anti-Muslim murderer jailed
UK:Anti-Muslim murderer jailed

By Nick Lowles
October 29 2013
Motivated by a disturbing fantasy of Muslims ‘taking over’ and idealising killers such as Anders Breivik, Ukranian …

Time to take Britain out of our greatness
Time to take Britain out of our greatness

By Anthony Barnett
25th January 2012
Alex Salmond’s Hugo Young lecture, delivered yesterday evening in King’s Place, the Guardian’s headquarters, was an …

Downgrading Iranian-British relations
Downgrading Iranian-British relations

By Maysam Behravesh.
Iran trudged into 2012 under unsettling circumstances. Severe international sanctions have already been taking their toll on its …

The politics of belonging in Britain
The politics of belonging in Britain

By Jenny Allsopp
Friday, 20 January 2012 15:40
‘There is no opposite to belonging’: Nira Yuval-Davis in conversation with Jenny Allsopp on …

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