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Israel:imprisonment without trial
Israel:imprisonment without trial

June 6th 2012
JERUSALEM: Israel must free all Palestinians held without charges under so called “administrative detention” orders or give them …

Saudi woman and moral courage
Saudi woman and moral courage

By Eman Al Nafjan
June 4th 2012
Few individuals are willing to brave the disapproval of their countrymen and the wrath of …

Olympic Hurdles for Saudi Women
Olympic Hurdles for Saudi Women

By Web Desk
May 24th 2012
(London) – As the clock ticks down to the July opening ceremony, all nations except Saudi Arabia have …

Saudi Arabia turns deaf ear to Olympic women
“I’m living evidence that cousin marriage doesn’t work,” said Salma, a Sudanese woman living in Qatar who was in the audience and spoke during the question and answer period. – Photo courtesy Creative Commons

By Eman Al Nafjan
April 18th 2012
This is not just about including Saudi women in the London 2012. It’s much more …

The hidden lives of child widows
The hidden lives of child widows

By Margaret Owen
March 1st 2012
Child widows, some less than ten years old, face bleak futures as they bear the triple …

Gender equality: ‘freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’
Gender equality: ‘freedom to’ and ‘freedom from’

By Pragna Patel
February 15th 2012
The various social contracts that are emerging between the State and the dominant religious right minority …

National Women’s Day
National Women’s Day

By Mavra Bari
February 13th 2012
Civil society organisations and human rights activists expressed disappointment at the National Commission on the Status …

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