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UK:Anti-Muslim murderer jailed
UK:Anti-Muslim murderer jailed

By Nick Lowles
October 29 2013
Motivated by a disturbing fantasy of Muslims ‘taking over’ and idealising killers such as Anders Breivik, Ukranian …

From the inside out: reconciliation is more than possible
From the inside out: reconciliation is more than possible

Voices for Reconciliation
May 22 2012
Amidst the deep hurt of civil war, many think it impossible to speak with, let alone …

Tribune survey: ‘Muslim’ first, ‘Pakistani’ second
Tribune survey: ‘Muslim’ first, ‘Pakistani’ second

February 16th, 2012
A majority of Pakistan’s internet users say they consider themselves ‘Muslim first’ (49%) , ‘Pakistani’ second (28%) while …

Sectarian & ethnic attacks
Sectarian & ethnic attacks

By Faraz Khan
January 30th 2012
A wave of killings continue to plague Karachi, as another man from the Shia sect was …

The Black English
The Black English

By Roifield Brown
26th January 2012
What does X factor, the SNP and this summer’s riots have in common? It’s that they …

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A UN agency says Israel is imposing an 'apartheid regime' on the Palestinian people

Ikea drivers living in trucks for months - BBC News

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