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About us

The Samosa is a platform for the promotion of human rights and equality and is non sectarian. We’re seeking to challenge bigoted views about ethnic minorities and Muslim communities on the one hand, and the equally bigoted doctrines of extremist Islamicism on the other. We intend to make The Samosa a platform for new talent for filmmakers, journalists, writers, media activists and a base for developing related new media businesses and projects.

We carry blogs, articles, video and other content covering UK and world politics, social issues and culture. We take a special interest in South Asia, the Middle East, the Pakistani Diaspora and the politics of identity and human rights, here and everywhere

We are seeking to bridge the gap between traditional media and comment-driven group blogs. The site is a new experiment in marrying comment to hard factual reporting: it blends opinion and blogging from all over the world with no-holds-barred reportage from new journalistic talent.

Who we are

The Samosa's contributors span the globe, offering news, views and intelligence from Manchester to Lahore, London to Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong to Delhi. They are aspiring journalists, professionals, political commentators and agitators, of all ages, faiths and backgrounds, but all with an important, distinct message to convey about the world and society today, whether through reporting, comment or comic observation. We are delighted to have put together such a diverse and talented group of people.

The Samosa launches as an independent media project at a time when the media is trying to reinvent itself in the face of changing formats, consumption trends, private monopolies, corporate influences and globalisation and new, independent voices need to be presented.

Other stuff

The Samosa is a new startup, not for profit social enterprise and all income generated and grants raised will be invested in content and operations and growing of the company. Full accounts of all trading and business activity will be published annually and all grants, trust, sponsorship or any other funding declared. The Samosa will not accept any funding that is politically driven or connected to lobbyists of any kind. The Samosa has received sponsorship of £15K from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission and £20k from the East London Business Alliance to support new writing and new voices in journalism.

Finally The Samosa is both meat and vegetarian, it can come with chutney, pickles or yoghurt. Now to use the glorious words of Chuck D: ‘Bring the noise’.

at info@thesamosa.org.uk

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