Pakistan Calling film project

Over the past five years, The Samosa and the Royal Society of Arts have produced and supported the creation of over 70 short films looking at alternative narratives of Pakistan and the British Pakistani diaspora. These films are resources in our film and media workshop schools programme, Pakistan Calling. Many of these films have been made by students in both Britain and Pakistan through a film workshop process led by The Samosa. The films explore links between civil and cultural organisations, communities in Pakistan and the UK, and those working for social change in both countries.

Pakistan Calling is a project aiming to increase awareness and support for Pakistani civil society organisations and activists working to tackle the country’s many pressing social problems. It promotes cross-cultural dialogue and community trust in the UK by profiling the many different faces of Pakistan and supporting filmmakers working in areas such as arts, social welfare and citizen journalism. Pakistan Calling builds on a project run by the RSA and The Samosa in 2011. It provides a platform for filmmakers in Pakistan and the UK, and articulates the many relationships between the two countries.

Events in Lahore and Karachi affect families and communities in Bradford and Manchester and we are aiming to build stronger links between Pakistani social projects, the British Pakistani diaspora and a wider group of social entrepreneurs in the UK, fostering positive dialogue about Pakistan in Britain.

Just some of our videos are below:

Jon Snow – Pakistan in the media – are we getting the full picture?

Karachi – city of children

Are we different?

Mumtaz – an extroardinary journey to an ordinary Karachi life