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Samosa Media has created a set of Mentoring and Training resources


Samosa Media has created a set of training, mentoring and educational resources for use in and off campus youth training and employment support projects. Also, for teachers and students, working at Key Stage 4, Sixth Form, FE Colleges and Universities. They cover subject areas including Film, Media, Journalism, Digital Skills, History, English, PHSE and Drama. These resources have been developed off the back of Samosa media talks and workshop programmes, led by Samosa Media director Anwar Akhtar, education officer Natalie Marshall and film officer Victor Rios over several years. Working with BAME Youth Groups, several schools, colleges, sixth forms and universities. Resources include training, mentoring and education materials that cover skills needed for working in the creative industries, to debating, identity, culture, diversity, bullying, conflict, to how to research and film a youth Question Time. Other resources include training materials related to our arts and media production work with the National Theatre, Lahore Museum and The BBC.

Anwar has also led several university projects, working alongside academics and students to develop diverse training and education resources for use in off campus employment training projects, as well as in classrooms and on teacher training courses.

Some of the resources that have been produced from these community workshops and campus partnerships, as well as other media such as films, blogs and articles are linked below: 

Teachers, please do download and use these in your own classes and with your students.

Workshop materials cover research, presentation, how to debate and engage with views you disagree with, and how to look at issues from multiple perspectives.

Other workshop themes look at discipline, work ethic and challenges to overcome to build careers in everything from the arts and media to business and international development.

We also have guides on how to do your own Sixth Form Question Time, and how to debate and explore subjects such as Brexit, diversity,
and identity.

Below are further examples of some of the diverse curriculum resources we have produced, including media interviews and profiles of our arts and education project work :

BBC Radio 4 Schools Apart Doc . Film and theatre producer Anwar Akhtar visits schools, exploring diversity, integration and the curriculum. July 22.

Dara – Delivering a diverse drama curriculum , The Arty Teacher Blog. Does the curriculum reflect the faces that stare back at you in your classroom or the issues of equity and diversity, so often in the news? April 23

Runnymede Trust – Many young minority ethnic people don’t feel a sense of inclusion or belonging at school.  The contributions of ethnic minority people to modern day Britain are under-recognised and underappreciated in the curriculum. If we recognise the contributions ethnic minority people have made, they will be given inspiration and we’ll be able to achieve change” – Mohammed Amara, student at Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester. July 22

Anwar Akhtar on  the film –“Pakistan’s Best Kept Secret: Lahore Museum”  Debates about racism, class, religion and empire are not going away any time soon. What is in our museums matters. What is and is not taught in our schools and universities matters”  July 2020

PK Porthcurno Museum, exploring Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun & English in Pakistan.  PK PorthCurno Connected Collections is an international research project to promote PK Porthcurno’s museum archives. This symposium is a project where ten students presented their work on language and communications, exploring Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun and English in Pakistan. Anwar Akhtar was guest speaker and took workshops throughout the project with the student group studying issues such as heritage, identity, language, empire and faith. September 21

Samosa Film Partnership UEL – students at the University of East London have produced a range of films that highlight various social and cultural issues as part of a curriculum development programme between UEL and Samosa Media. November 22

Anwar Akhtar, talk to Contemporary Media Practice BA Honours students Westminster  Anwar Akhtar is working with second-year students at Westminster University on a live project/client brief. He delivered workshops, with the students to guide them in the development, production, and delivery of a piece of creative media production, related to a theme or subject that the student identified following their initial session with him. March 2020

More resources will be added on a regular basis as we continue our media, arts, language, history and drama workshops in schools and colleges, so please follow us on social media for updates or check back on our website for new pages and resources.

These education resources, supported by the Portal Trust and Foundation For Future London, are designed to be used in all schools, colleges and universities, as well as settings such as youth and community centres. Many of these resources have been co-produced with the young people that participate in our workshops.