Student Question Time – knife crime, Brexit, racism and tuition fees

Organised, produced and recorded by students, with Samosa Media and Three Blokes Productions.

This Question Time was developed through workshops run by Samosa Media with students, then produced and filmed by the students themselves.

The event followed the format of the popular BBC show Question Time. The workshops were held to prepare for the film, support the students, encourage debates and academic development by providing a platform where students can express themselves openly and without prejudice.

This event was developed through a series of workshops run by Samosa Media with students on politics, history, journalism and culture, then produced and filmed by the students with support from Three Blokes Productions.

Student Production team and panel:

Shamina Akther – Head of Production
Humaira Haque – Chair
Abdullah Muntasir, Ellie Abeid, Mouna Abokar , Safwan Ahmed, Nafizah Islam, Isfahan Masud – Panellists
Sayef Rahman – Camera Lead
Imtiaz Ali – Camera Assistant
Sharif Ahmed, Safwaan Al-Tahmid Ali, Zainab Farah, Yusuf Haq, Nazmul Islam, Tanim Murshed, Mustaqur Rahman, Sabrina Zitouni – Production Team
Rejwan Hussain – Health and Safety
Chris Rothon – Sir John Cass School Progress Officer