Schools, colleges and universities

The Samosa delivers creative film and media workshops to schools, colleges, universities and community groups across London and the UK. Facilitated by a professional arts practitioner, we use the medium of film to explore social, cultural and political issues that are relevant to young people today, including racism, religious tensions, immigration and women’s rights.

Working closely with the groups, we identify the topics they would like to explore, challenge existing stereotypes and encourage critical thinking.  

Using resources developed from the RSA Pakistan Calling films, our online journalism archives, and our work on Dara and with Laal and the Asian Dub Foundation, we look at:

CAREERS IN MEDIA AND THE ARTS – Participants will be given the opportunity to meet with media professionals during the workshop programme and consider different vocations within the arts

DIVERSITY IN MEDIA – We will consider how diverse the media and arts sectors are and how this impacts minority communities

POWER OF MEDIA – We will explore how media portrayals of a community, group or situation can shape society’s perceptions

POTENTIAL THEMES: Islamophobia, racism, community tensions, history of migration, prejudice, identity, perception

PRACTICAL FILM-MAKING – We can work with participants to create their own short films on the topics explored

Some examples of films produced through our education workshops and curriculum partnerships are below:


Question Time 2018

Samosa Media Question Time Project – June 2018 from SJCR School on Vimeo.

Partition Stories

Partition Stories is a film of interviews and reflections on 1947 and its legacy today for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Britain. This film is a joint venture between film-maker and University of East London MA student Rishabh Shrivastav, journalism students from the University of East London, and The Samosa media project.

Brexit: A Country Divided?

This film is a joint venture between journalism students at the University of East London and The Samosa. Sponsored by UEL’s Civic Engagement fund.

If you are a school, college, sixth form or university tutor who is interested in having their students work with us then please get in touch with us at