Samosa Media St. Gabriel’s School London Film Workshops May 2021

Samosa Media provided a series of 8 creative film workshops for a group of students aged 15 – 17 at St. Gabriel’s college

In May 2021, Samosa Media provided a series of 6 creative film workshops for a group of students aged 15 and 16 years old at St. Gabriel’s college.

The series of creative film workshops were planned and run by the Samosa Media’s Creative film educator Victor Rios and Education Programme Officer Natalie Marshall.

The focus of the workshops was to help students develop, their passion for filmmaking and provide an opportunity to explore what it takes to make a short film. They were able to explore many roles such as director, camera assistant, actor, lighting and sound to produce their short film.

As the students were new to making a short film, Victor Rios provided a beginner’s guide to filmmaking through a series of study sessions and workshops. 

The workshop consisted of multiple activities to help the students feel comfortable whilst exploring the technical and creative aspects of filming. One such activity was mini-games which educated the young students on understanding things such as learning the terminology of production to expressing themselves on camera.

The workshops also highlighted the importance of teamwork, developing student’s confidence and gaining confidence in speaking in front of others. Most importantly the workshops were a fun afterschool activity that many students enjoyed whilst understanding the importance of art and creativity. Not only were students given the opportunity to film, but they were also able to take part in acting.

Some of these students had recently moved to London and the workshops focused on the importance of community to the importance of education, hard work and language skills. It also helped give them more confidence to speak and develop their English further.

The workshops gave students the opportunity to express issues and discuss what matters most to them.

For this workshop, students chose to create a short film about the pandemic and wearing face masks. The students were split into two groups and created a short film based on this theme.

Due to the government lockdown and exams, we were able to successfully put together two short films in the short space of five sessions.

Clips of films by the young people made with the support of Samosa Media can be viewed here.