Stepney All Saints 6th Form, Question Time Dec 1st 2021

Organised, produced and recorded by students following a series of study workshops with Samosa Media, the event followed the format of the popular BBC show Question Time. Study workshops were held over a period of eight weeks to prepare for the film, support the students, encourage debate and academic development by providing a platform where students can express themselves. Which led to the students feeling confident to debate in front of a live audience and debating on the following topic: Do rules & authority restrict freedom?.

The workshops were aimed to educate students in gaining cultural capital and understanding the importance of arts and media. Every workshop consisted of introducing students to a piece of artwork, media or cultural content from film, to debates, to music to seminal political and cultural moments.

As they reviewed and discussed this content, they also gained an understanding of what it takes to participate in a high pressured, skilled panel debate such as Question Time

Students discussed history, politics, journalism, religion, and identity during the workshops. They were encouraged to engage with different perspectives and views on social, political and cultural issues, consider stories and perspectives from those, that come from different cultures and communities to their own.

They also discovered the importance of art and discovered the various ways in which it can bring communities together and its importance to education. The students discussed social mobility, social inequality and practised public speaking and oratory. Due to Covid restrictions, the student team were faced with having a smaller audience.

Samosa media’s work includes developing educational resources to support diversity in the arts as well as heritage, history and religious studies curriculum in schools and universities, and engaging young people with these subjects.

School Liaison – Mr Christoper Rothon – KS5 Pastoral Supervisor and curriculum enrichment team

Panellist and Student Production Team

Tahmina Begum – Chair,  Najmin Islam – Ema Miah, Mantasira Hoque,  Jesica Uddin,  Ariana Hossain and Musthafa Matlib

Here are some of the feedback from Year 12 and Year 13 students of Stepney School that took part.

‘This workshop helped increased my confidence in public speaking’

‘How culture and education can intertwine to help you succeed’

‘Anwar has helped me see my potential and the importance of critical thinking and knowing both sides of the argument

‘There’s a lot more to politics and there is so many different viewpoints to explore ‘

‘I have learnt to understand other people’s point of view. How important it is to present yourself and to be neutral’

‘Learnt the reality about the wide gap between middle class and working class’

For further information please contact samosa media on and the Stepney All Saints Sixth Form or Chris Rothon | KS5 Pastoral Supervisor